Dont do the crime if you cant do the time…

Its close to 2 o clock in the dead of the night… Im lolling around sleepless (how sad) and there is this yet another show in NDTV with a panel discussion scrutinizing if Sanjay Dutt got too harsh a treatment.

Im forced to ask this question but would the media rally behind Dutt and the film fraternity if there was another guy convicted and he didnt enjoy any sort of leverage as does the Dutt? Just because Dutt Jr does two Munnabhai films and the second one about Gandhi’s principles, does it automatically make him immune to the justice system in India. If thats the logic the media expects to follow, save the democracy and lets have repeated reruns of Guddi on all channels for one full day.

Not few days was a report going like this … “Sanjay Dutt has now been shifted to Yerawada jail. Audience may be interested to note that Mahatma Gandhi too was at one time imprisoned in Yerawada Jail”. The hearts of the news channels to compare Dutt with Gandhi… grrrrrrrrrr.

Whats more surprising is a petition from a handful of well known celebrities (read film personalities) to release Dutt. Maybe Dutt has reformed, maybe he really is a changed man, but then law will have to take its own course and as Joey says “Dont do the crime if you cant do the time”.  If it is illegal for one to possess arms and one was also aware of the bomb blasts beforehand, its ghastly to look at all the efforts being made to build a romanticized image of a person that is guilty as charged.

And far from bringing a balanced viewpoint that a news channel should be providing, its quite surprising to see the media taking sides and making a mockery of judiciary making it look like a idiotic dumb villian of the Hindi movie industry.


4 thoughts on “Dont do the crime if you cant do the time…

  1. public memory is so shortlived. We win one test match and the whole world cup debacle is all forgiven. The blasts happened more than a decade ago…. can’t really expect anything else! The media will turn us into a nation of hypocrites!

  2. last time when Sanjay Dutt was in jail, his most famous persona till then was Khalnayak… he did not have many people defending him that time …. now it is Munnabhai, and so he is being defended….
    media and people should realize that real life is way different then the candy-floss shown in movies…

  3. @sreejith , kunal
    well media is just but a part of us, the public. what is more disturbing is the innate level of romanticism that is a part of every indian. prolly that merchant of dreams of india has a lot to answer for the ills…

    and far from media has already brought useless news to the frontpages. has everyone just forgotten how the abhi-aish marriage was a staple diet of every news channel for those few days of insanity – really an immensely powerful reality distortion field.

  4. Well… well.. well… the media has just gone awry… they have got just one work.. that is of making the news items as masaledar as it can be made… They dont care about truth, they give a damn about values and they are least bothered about the imp of the news the are showing thats why we get to listen about Abhi-Ash wedding the whole day or some such useless things… I think the time has gone when we should trust the news channels, they are just means to amass money with no concern for news.. They have become just TV Shows.. not news bulletins..

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