BarcampHyderabad4 – RIA bloodbath predicted? ;)

Looks like a RIA bloodbath tomorrow – not to forget the desktop <-> web apps aka the browser-based desktop applications. Just head over here for the proof: Silverlight, Flex, Dekoh, JS in MSVS 08, not that I mean they are all same and pitted against one another blah blah, but tomorrow is going to be a very interesting barcamphyderabad.

And among all these is TolMolBol – the very own Hyderabadi startup in the local review space. Its very interesting though that the biggies seem to be in majority than the davids. Note to myself: Propose to pass benevolent rule to mandate the biggies to sponsor something if they are presenting to this geek crowd; wishfully thinking t-shirts wont make a bad goody.

Its going to be an interesting place; just wish there were more startups coming their and showing their wares. We had coupla very interesting ideas last time in the coffeecamp… Well anyways, about tomorrow, wouldnt miss it for the world!!!


One thought on “BarcampHyderabad4 – RIA bloodbath predicted? ;)

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