BarcampHyderabad4! – Whatta top ka is Hyderabad!

For all this talk of Hyderabad being a laid back Nawabi city, its a wonder that Barcamp is alive and kicking and is already in its fourth avatar this time. The theme this time for barcamp is demos. Well, all you aspriring startups, startups, gods, students, etc whoever is working on a demo, has a idea for a demo, or is looking for partners for your product, whatever come right in to the Barcamp4.

Where you ask? Its the Deccan Towers, TCS building thats opposite to Cyber Pearl and a stone throw away from Cyber Gateway in HiTecCity Madhapur. Head over to the
venue on the 14th. And come prepared to ask questions 😉

Oh and that title btw is a obvious potshot at Pepsi’s new bakwaas ad campaign – looks like they want to get the most profitable market segment (what else but youth) onto their bandwagon… social networking ;D


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