safari on windows /day1bug/joy/fonts!

Read the new item on Joel’s page about the subpixel rendering and all that geek stuff about the font rendering in Windows and Mac. Fonts in Safari are funny and I love them.The positives

  1.  Downright blazing fast: while startup & loading pages.
  2. Fonts look lovely. Extremely smooth at the cost of being blurred too much.

Update: Version 3.0.2 has triaged all these bugs. Immense joy abounds. The bug reports:

(BUG 1) Short Description: Safari crashes while opening Gmail.  

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter user name and password. Check ‘Remember me on this computer’ checkbox. Press Sign In. 
  3. Dialog Pops up for remembering the form details with options: Never, Later, Not Now.
  4. Click on any of the buttons in the dialog. Safari Crashes…

Workarounds:Enable private browsing [ Edit -> Private Browsing]. No crashes.

I know its beta; but it sucks to see it crash.

 (BUG 2) Short Description: Selected Link loses focus when trying to insert hyperlink in WordPress editor.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a post in WordPress.
  2. Select text in the editor and click on the New Hyperlink button.
  3. Insert a link dialog opens. Selected text is unselected.

Workarounds:None. Go to editor and insert the hyperlink through manual linking in Code tab.


The Negatives

  1. The crashes & the bugs
  2. Fonts are aliased at low resolutions: 9px or less.

Tremendous joy abounds though, to see the Safari in action on Windows. Mama mia, the fonts are going to kill me. Im in love! 


One thought on “safari on windows /day1bug/joy/fonts!

  1. I have only hours back downloaded and installed Safari beta (version 3.0.3) from I also had to download and install Windows Installer 3.2v2, as safari was requiring to start its installation.
    Now after finally getting safari installed and started it. GUI is v.impressive.
    but but but… then I very quickly cam through lots of crashes while opening routine websites like, etc…
    now… what GOOD is such a browser if it cannot do simple tasks like these…
    Ahh… apple – thiss was not et-all expected from me… Now I am reconsidering on going ahead with my dream of owning a macbook very soon.
    thumbs down… apple. You let me down on this…

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