DesiMartini copies FaceBook UI?

One of my many opinions on the mainstream webcommunity in India is that Its still stuck in 1.0 world; where the mainstream media still reigns supreme; a farcry from a 2.0 media world. Agreed blogs are big, bit frankly not even that big unless in the geek circles.

Anyway the point is, in India the web-based social networks are still built by the traction they get on the mainstream media – TV. GoG went the TV way, Scooty girls are starting the same(in newspapers) and now we have DesiMartini the same way. Frankly though DesiMartini never even looks Indian from the ads they beam, well thats another matter altogether. I just happened to go watch the tongue-in-cheek spoof of spiderman – Makkadman. And its hilarious!

And from there I went to DesiMartini and thats where I got an idea of where I saw this UI – FaceBook. Some parts, the fonts and the color combo verbatim lifted off facebook!

dm.jpeg  fb.jpg

profile1.png  fb1.jpg


3 thoughts on “DesiMartini copies FaceBook UI?

  1. the social networking sites are cropping up at the rate of one every week …. recently I read there was a new social networking site in US especially for anglers..
    are there so many socially deprived people out there to run all these new social networking sites?

  2. @kunal
    yep, that is true. but the point is obviously most of them will not survive the end of a year; first they have to reach a critical mass, and before/after reaching the critical mass they need to have their monetization processes in place & working.

    well.. i cannot speak if the people are socially deprived (which is true anyway), but i can speak is that the online social networks will help meet people more or less like you and a lot in number online. and ofcourse once you are online, all that matters is how you communicate and not how you look. precisely, what stops real people from talking to other real people coz they might be judged based on appearances…

    the bigger evil?! 😀

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