bingo – best ads

ITC is storming the Indian TV with its mind numbingly funny and tongue-in-cheek ads of the Bingo brand of snacks. With a tagline of “No confusion. Great combination.” this ad campaign is no doubt one of the best campaigns to float around in the recent times.

Just not getting the videos anywhere to share with, but soon i say, the moment they come on YT.

I have seen 6 ads till date

1. This one about the dreaded don Jango [totally highlights their line] [link]

2. About the flamingo

3. About the guy teaching tamizh – vaango, pongo,…

4. The Glad Bangles ad [the best one for its cheekiness]

5. Liars – Live Wires [link]

Am i missing something? And any videos out there on the net?


20 thoughts on “bingo – best ads

  1. @blah
    basically blah blah blah

    yeah, it justifies their No confusion. Greate combination thing and the sudden jump is damn funny

    no. seriously?

    man, hopefully some good indian soul might have uploaded to the yt.

  2. Hmm, i havent seen the add but i tastes Bingo , they are good…
    And ya may be you can find thier ads in either.. or on
    They two are advertising sites..
    Just have a look..
    Take care..

  3. tho the ads are senseless/pathetic/whatevr… but but they leave an impression on ur mind… nd thats wht basically the admaker wants….
    @karan – even u ll agree that u remembr these products betr than the products for which u’ve seen btr ads 🙂

  4. I play bingo a lot and I have found I have to ask for numbers to be repeated often, I thought I just had a bad memory but its apparently because I’m dyslexic and my mind struggles to take in what I have heard! But apparently this in not a rare problem as this is a mild symptom of dyslexia and a lot of people have it! I find it easier using a Bingo Game Online. Anybody else have this problem?

  5. The latest advertisement with the tamil background music is simply fantastic. What really matters is whether the ad creates an impression on our minds. When we go to shopping we don’t remember the advertisements and then purchase the products. We go there with a need and then buy. Some times its impulsive buying but most of the times its a planned purchase. Ads like these creates an impression to such an extent that when we see the product in the store it reminds us about the advertisement. Its a different question whether we buy the product or not at that point of time but definitely, creativity goes a long way in creating impressions and long term brand loyalty. Using celebrity person not only increases the cost of the product but also only the celebrities get to make most of the moolah! Creative ads give an opportunity for a lot of people to get involved and a variety of work to different departments and domains. Live and let live. I vote 100/100 for this ad. Long live creativity. Down with celebrities and their cheap gimmicks and arrogant attitudes.

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