Hyderabadi Road Rulaan…

1. The leftside is the right side of the road
Whatever the vehicle a hyderabadi owns, car, scooter, bicycle, karizma or a pulsar or a honda, the only side of the road that he will ever stay on is the left side. We stop on the leftside of the road, we drive on the left side of the road, we over take from the left side of the side.

2. All roads lead to Rome

In hyderabad, never even mind asking a travellers, rickshawallah or a shopkeeper or that ‘uncle’ on how to go to that Bazaar or koti or ‘some’pally or ‘some’nagar or ‘some’pet; frankly because they will only say you one thing ‘Seedhae Jaao’. Never mind if the road forks into two, you will still have to seedhe jaao. Even if its a left only turn, you will have to seedhae jaao.

3. Horn is the identity
In Hyderabad, it is but impolite to honk the horn. Yahan aiseich hota hai. If there is a fat uncle not moving his car, honk him. If there are chokra chokri on the road not crossing the road quick enough, horn bajao. Its not impolite to honk (not you amreeka return phoren log), its just a way to get the cozy road crossers back to earth.

4. Hit & Run
If you have narrowly missed hitting someone, just scream.
If you have narrowly hit someone, but only scratch laga and life is as usual, just turn back and say sorry and kat le or just shout and kat le.
Agar the hit was bad, if there is a crowd, just run. The crowd anyway wont leave you in peace and will charge atleast a thousand from you and then take a commission from it before giving to the victim.
If the hit is bad and there is no crowd, call ambulance and kat le.
If the other guy is dead, hmmm… kat le.

So, and if ever you are in a tearing hurry never never never stay on the right side, left lo and seeedhe chale jao.

(Take the above with truck loads of salt)


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