ITC : positive vibes

Brand ITC. Just see where it started and where its aiming to go! eChoupals, retail, confectionaries, the whole gamut is mindboggling. Oblivious of ther size, I had considered their hiring the King Khan as their brand ambassador a mere marketing waste. Just a marketing gimmick gone all wrong. But how wrong was I!

It was last Amul (how can one forget those ads during Surabhi!) that really could bond with me at a personal level; the idea of a company working closely with the community; making the community closely involved with its business strategy was it best way to give back to the community. And now ITC, with all its ads of adopting villages and other socio-economic development coming out it just working closely with the community, has the positive vibes going great. Im definitely impressed with the effort they are putting in making the social(not social as the in the web2.0 social, just the real social) thing really work for them.


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