Going hmmm

Sadly my Bangalore trip got cancelled; and hence all my plans for Bangalore went bust with it. Much fun came from not going though. Playing in the sea is still fun; and its still tough changing to a underwear with many others choosing to stay fully robed.Its terribly self-conscious moment; and now understand only partly why Miss Basu chose to go on an orange only diet for 3 days. On the contrary, going to the sea (from a landlocked city like Hyderabad) and choosing to not take a dip is hugely insulting to the sea god, imho! 😀

Friend got married and its quite a frightening moment personally. Now we have formally moved from the bhaiyya zone to the uncle zone 😦 However this was bound to come with every kid who hits a ball in your compound choosing to retreive the ball by just asking the good `uncle` …

However, I was quite happy to see the strides the ticketing system in India has made; all I need to do now is to just register my ticket online and take the printout!!! Thats it! Quite a long way from standing in the line and waiting and waiting and waiting. Indian Railways Rocks!

However, missed the rocking barcamp3. Stupid timelines, I need to be Hiro Nakamura.


6 thoughts on “Going hmmm

  1. It sucks moving into the uncle zone….
    Just few years back I would have been the kid who hits the ball into someone’s compound and would shout, “Uncle, ball chahiye!”…
    A compound wall is all the difference between a bhaiyya and an uncle…

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