Messiness vs Order.

Need to point you guys to a really good post by Umair. Its about the edge and why LinkedIn needs to be more messy than it is currently. I have been in LinkedIn for the past few months and its been a really tough thing to get anyting going; Im just a squatter there, hoping someone would come and we could have a good coversation going. On the other hand, Orkut which I started using after having abandoned way back in 03-04, is now my social network. There is so much activity going on; if I were to smoke my time away; Orkut would be the place to be. I digress, so back to the topic. Some gems:

Forget about economies and cost-cutting and trimming the fat – because that stuff’s a commodity. It’s not a basis for any kind of advantage.

… in the post-network economy, (re)learning how to create value is going to be, in large part, about getting messy. This is perhaps Google’s deepest – and most jealously guarded – secret.

This actually brings to the certain conclusion I have come about recently: It is fairly impossible to predict what the future will be like. The business models, value creation are all going to be radically different and mostly will be something we cannot even imagine now. And certainly they will be very disruptive.


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