Way for IITs and IIITs?

First as an alumnus of IIIT, its quite heartening to see IIITs being considered alongside IITs in Prof. Sadagopan’s post.  For one this attitude towards IIIT is in itself a milestone for a such a young institute like IIIT which aspires to be a research institute.

I digress, vanity prevailed. What is the direction then that IITs and IIITs need to take? As PG says, IITs and IIITs are the best surroundings to build a ecosystem of startups in India. Already IITs are making their mark in the arena. I personally know of atleast 5 startups (all in the early stage) from IIIT and thats quite a cool thing for such a young institute. I hope too that the money too starts flowing in; the circle shall be complete.

While I still know its not that the ecosystem is displaying signs of bubble behavior, I sometimes get worried when off the head you hear someone wanting to talk to you (only after an NDA that is!) about a brilliant dotcom idea…


5 thoughts on “Way for IITs and IIITs?

  1. Ummmm isn’t from Sadagopalan from IIIT-B 😛 ? Guess that explains the considering IIT and IIIT together part.
    I am not saying anything against the institute though 😀 .

  2. I think govt should take one more step for bringing the IIITs at par with IITs.
    Govt should make the admissions to existing and upcoming IIITs through IIT JEE.

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