Spirits, Athiests and Questions

Spirits (Souls) are a very common question that athiests play when debating with theists. The question follows:

If every person has one soul then where do the additional souls come from when people are born daily? If say, all souls come from a single source then where do these new souls come from?

Theoretically, the question posed is as follows. Say one instant of time there are N persons and hence, N souls. Say there is a single main source of these souls called God. Since we say all souls come/go from/to this God (ref. Bhagavadgita), the theoretical capacity is N souls. As souls start going out of this container of souls (which we named God), the number of souls in God should decrease, i.e for M people on earth, the souls remaining in God is N – M. Now lets say as population increases the number of persons increases from N to N+1, … Now the question is how/where do this extra souls come from?

I was always trying hard to find a convincing solution for myself; until I discovered there was one more intangible thing in  this world that doesnt change based on the amount of it borrowed from the source i.e. followed this same property exhibited by souls & God – Knowledge


7 thoughts on “Spirits, Athiests and Questions

  1. the difference between souls & knowledge is regarding ‘quantifying’ it.
    knowledge cannot be quantified, where as you have the concept of soul quantified – ‘one body, one soul’ … I think that observation would counter the argument you put forward 🙂

    but for that matter, I am not a complete atheist. I do have some traits of theism.. Just could not stop myself after spotting the flaw 🙂

  2. @rakesh
    he he yes sire. maths it is 😀

    totally ROTFL!

    hmmm.. let me put it this way. the main problem with athiests is that of trying to describe/quantify god physically(or to put it to describe god within their know perceived limitations of physics as they know it). their own argument of one soul-one person & the generation of this new souls from non-existent capacity too arises from this same viewpoint of having to limit god in this physics framework.

    my point is knowledge too defies the logic of getting halved as more people share it… so it might be foolish to try to god to treat just like knowledge or even with special properties..

  3. …maybe, god is busy cloning souls to meet the demand!! …and for the same reason, we don’t have as many divine interventions as mentioned in our “good books”!! 🙂
    Who knows???

  4. Interesting that although we are constantly confronted with the mystery of our existance, we insist on creating a god that will fit our personal faith (faith being science, religion, or mythology, etc.). You will never understand even a fleeting glimse of the mystery as long as you stay in your box.

  5. @Manas
    yo there are books – good or bad is a matter of subjectivity! as a writer prolly everything one writes is her baby

    @Deep Questions
    Love that name. Anyway, as u said, Exactly. As long as we try to define that by our limited perception we have… it wont ever exist. Not that i say GoD is a nonentity – might or might not or just could be in some other form. One thing im sure of – I dont know.

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