Don disappoints me

Spoilers abound. So if you havent seen it feel free to skip it. Dont want to spoil you DON experience.

Disappoints. My main rant with the movie is that Farhan tries less hard to give the tribute. From the sequences to the repeated dialogues used directly from the original, and repeating the some good ones over and over again Im pretty sure FA was having his whale of a time paying tribute to the original. But he doesnt try too hard. He tries to make this one intelligent and clever and it fails for me.

My first Don experience was with DD (doordarshan), its first appearance in TV widely touted as a single break movie telecast at that time. It was a great experience but for the fact that whole single break lasted for all of 30 miutes! Thats a digress, back to the point now.

AB was at his zenith then, with his baritone voice, and the uber cool hair  & simple dressing sense it was a treat watching him as Don.

Comparisions are inevitable. But for its own sake The new Don needs better not be compared to the original. In short the first half of the movie felt like a disjointed set of stories that will definitely meet all at once in the second half. The second half actually fares better with a story of its own and it fares better than the first part.

Most of the dialogues which bring a chill down the spine in the original fall flat in the face in this one, obviously because the Khan tries too hard to sound dusky to make up for that catchy baritone of AB. Trust me, when Khan mouths the dialogue ‘Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi naa mumkin hai...’ it just sounds like a casual romantic conversation type statement from one of his other run-of-the-mill movies.

SRK makes up for the nonexistent cool hairstyle, rich baritone, tall persona by a designer wear(ties inside shirts, whos idea is that exactly?), shades and cool den. For all its worth, this ones a tad better cause it makes me think if the Don was as good as hes feared, the ending should have been like in this one. The old one was a tribute to the ‘good always triumphs’ tautology, this one clearly need the moral obligation to depict so.

The main difference though is the attitude. ABs Don was very very chilled, extremely confident to the point of looking totally reckless. SRKs Don otoh, needs to reinfornce his confidence in himself by mouthing the dialogues(don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin naa mumkin hai) several times, has to look evil, must speak in a husky grainy baritone(which he never is able to achieve!). SRK brings the same evil persona of Baazigar and Darr to it which is a bad misinterpretation of Don.

And what is it with the fight sequences or the chase sequences? So dull and instantly boredom inducing soporific stuff? The kungfu stuff is really getting onto my nerves now, it was cool in Matrix-I, thats it, that is where the coolness ended. We dont need any of them. Why do we have to steal action shots from the OngBak(skull breaking seq)? And blah… is all that is needed to steal Don is an unintelligent sequence where a number of white clad people with Johnny Sokko costumes come in and take the truck away? There was not even a Helicopter to tow it away?!!! Remember cool?!

Don is about a larger than life evil(not cruel, sadistic one mind you) criminal. This one was way too realistic. The twists were fine too; the movie had never the need to look intelligent, it was supposed to be pure entertainment. I think the best tribute to retro till date was Main Hoon Na for its over the top tacky action sequences and simple story line.

I can rant on and on for eons, but points to be noted. I knew the story before i saw the movie so it was definite prejudice (point is liked the second part).  And i had just watched the original Don 24 hours ago.

Farhan has made the movie cheekily cruel. With that corpse of Kamini in the lift and door hitting and opening and closing, who said death cannot be devilishly funny. Or for that matter the painting ‘The Scream’ in the Dons locker room.

Its definitely an intelligent, clever and realistic. And thats where it fails for me. Don was supposed to be over the top and a basic evil joke. Could anyone forget the scene where Vijay comes to know that the only person who knows his identity is dead? The shock & disappointment was great but it was evilishly funny. The evil here is truly evil and the good guy doesnt win.

Im only wondering how Ram Gopal Varma will pull off a Sholay. To pay a tribute the director has to have scant regard for any rules as did the original. RGV has that disregard for anything even the viewer and that is what might make the day.
Isha in a thoroughly wasted role mouthing I think exactly about 6 sentences in the whole movie and a song. Om Puri was never necessary.

Khaike paan looked much better on screen than in the screen.


3 thoughts on “Don disappoints me

  1. I saw Don yesterday, and repeatedly I kept on comparing SRK to the original Don. He is not even anywhere near AB. If this movie is compared to old Don, it falls flat on its face. But had I not watched the original Don, I may have liked the movie…
    Instead of touting this as Don remake FA just should have simply said inspired/lifted/copied from Don, that would have been better. There never was any tribute to original Don.
    Gah, instead of a comment, I am writng a post 🙂

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