Testing Guruji.com with Biryani

After hearing that local search for guruji.com is up, I went ahead and searched for the best way to define Hyderabad local search – dum ka biryani.

Dum ka biryani gives me 0 results. Points for not giving me even one place with a dum ka biryani offering. -1/10

Duma ka biryani hyderabad gives me 0 results. Points for not giving me even one place with a dum ka offering when I even specified the place. -3/10
Biryani gives me results from places like chennai and coimbatore where any self respecting biryani afficionado will never have a biryani. Points for offering me the search results but not with the correctness. 4/10

Biryani Hyderabad returns me results from highly remote biryani centres which I see are basically biryani take home points and are never a match to the best & better biryani places which are not on the list Bahaar, Bawarchi, Paradise (which btw sux big time now!). When the big three are missing from the search list the list needs to be revamped. Points awarded for giving me a new take home biryani center near my house but not the ones that have been there since ages and are serve much better food. 2/10

My opinion is that there is still a lot left to be done in the local search site. The feedback option is very good. I however would have preferred if the site was still said to be in ‘Beta’. The list results I got are highly chaotic are no way in connected to the real world preferences or needs of a Hyderabadi biryani afficionado.


15 thoughts on “Testing Guruji.com with Biryani

  1. Hi,
    I’m a search engineer with Guruji.com
    Thanks for the detailed feedback you have written about the local search. We will try improve this in the future.
    Btw, Guruji.com is indeed a beta version 🙂


  2. @kunal & pranil
    my mistake guys. the beta was visible in the first two pages. in the results page it was not, so i overlooked that detail…

    thanks for the patience to scout the blogosphere and find out the reviews on your site. to be able to carry on these conversations with your end users is very important, and im really impressed with you guys. all the best for your release folks. do ping in sometime if you would like to hear more ideas from my side…

  3. I tried out guruji as well… although I am still to test it for local data ..
    Still trying to argue with myself why I should try this instead of google .. i dont search much for biryani ;-D

  4. I think the founders are using the model of Bazee,
    taking inspiration from teh angel investor. Copy and
    customize a popular company and give it a lcoal flavor and then sell it back to the parent!.Good luck with locking horns with google!

  5. @anshu
    he he this ones better than google because if i was to do any localised search, google doesnt help me, this one does

    taking inspiration from angel investor? hmmm… come agian pls man? actually customizing a popular company and giving it a local favor is not something im worried about… its necessary and the market is always present. local market/commodity/ search is always a requirement and would always be necessary for people.

  6. @pratik
    thanks for pointing to dhoondho. but the site is too cluttered for my taste atleast right now. btw reg the 135$ fee on it, is that the source of revenue for you guys?

  7. Well, not just that, that is ofcourse the main source, but we get most of our revenue (over 30%) in terms of advertisers too, we have partnered with big names in advertising space.

    The revenue helps us to refine our algorithm(Relevence-Rank) by getting some of the best on-board, Eg: Stephen, who joined us recently is a PhD from Austrailia….we are truly multi-national and have a mix-up of people from many races and contries working together….

    We do have a lot of fun …:)

  8. @Pratik
    30% from revenue is a good number; does that mean that for the remaining 70% you have a solid business model & B2C customers who pay you back? Thats actually quite nice to hear.

    But im still unimpressed with the cluttered layout of the search screen. All of the real estate has been filled with other offers from your labs which actually makes me think if its a search focussed company. Well the UI definitely needs change as there is no way a user would want to see the results in a new javascript window popping up…

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