Let insanity rule

Close on the heels of the Bombay(oh, thats Mumbai, saureeee) serving a notice to Google for ‘allowing’ the hate campaign on Orkut, Dilip has this thoughtful piece[sic] on his blog. What makes me wonder is about how deep can we go about making fools of ourselves. The whole state machinery made fun of itself when they arrested bazzee.com ceo and then had to swallow their own words. Now, will they arrest brin and page and give them a new idea of making the virtual jail and how to get ad revenue from it or … Whatevah? Have the judges ever visited the online portal? Do they even know how it works? Do they even know how the community system works in Orkut? Or do they have an image of a hatred inducing against India community hellbent on spewing venom projected by a over enthusiastic patriotic thin-skinned indian? And definitely our meaning of tolerance needs to be a lot more…

Ok anyways, just laugh at it all. We already have enough good entertainers around(read the new contestants/participants of the Roadies show) who want to make fools of themselves on the national TV as good food time popcorn additives for me. A few more thin skinned ‘Indians’ like the former and Ill have a sure fire way to compile my all time best seller ‘Dummys guide to Idiotdom’.

Atleast for this I hope the state goes at its usual speed if ever of planning to ban Orkut. Any business ideas coming of it?


3 thoughts on “Let insanity rule

  1. How about a website where one can list down all such prospective idiotic law-suits and instead of suing the company, we transfer the information to their legal department, tipping them off and thus saving them a horde of money!!

    I know a yucky idea… Excessive work leads to addled thoughts…

  2. I could not agree more. This dumb episode will end up making us the laughing stock on Orkut ! Damn this brainless-ness ! I have expressed some similar thoughts on my blog.

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