Surreal Night

Cruising in a car @ 60kmph on a long road at 10:00 in the night is a wonderful experience. Combine that with one of the most intense, thoughtful and insightful discussions on everything that makes it a bonus ride.

Out of the blue we have a guy zooming past us (approx 80kmph) in his scooter is something that doesnt matter to us. But then just 300 mts ahead he hits a uneven patch (a badly built speedbreaker) of bad road,  the scooter sverves uncontrollably but he still maintains control. And then when in the nanoseconds of control the scooter hits the road sideways, he hits the road, dragging himself along with the scooter, goes hitting the road and then he doesnt struggle to control himself while hes scraping on the road, he’s just gone limp.

Luckily, hes still breathing; but hes had a serious head injury. One of us dashes to get a bottle of water. Other pulls up the guy aside on the road with the help of another sane guy whos just saw the accident. People start stopping doing nothing but just look around the tamasha. One of the better guys in the meantime calls up the 108 service. Other look into his visiting card and call their relatives.

In this meantime, the injured guy with his blood and all has picked himself up. Hes still dazed, in a shock and trying make sense of the situation.

And then when we were waiting for the ambulance to turn up, people start asking questions. It was ironic though to see some of the people ask us if we had caused the accident with our car! And then in under 5 mins the ambulance came over. And people advised us to leave before the police arrived as they would suspect us. We did.

Lesson Learnt

  • Must wear a helmet. Must wear a helmet. Must wear a helmet.
  • Its sometimes a screwed up world. So, do your bit but look out for yourself too.

8 thoughts on “Surreal Night

  1. ‘ve been in a scenario where we didn’t leave, and the police did hold us responsible for the freak accident. Thankfully the guy wasn’t as seriously injured, but the bad aftertaste stayed for a longg time 😐

    It’s so easy to drive past. Is good to know you guys helped out.

  2. @kunal
    yep cant debate on that. it saved my bro too!

    can understand how it feels when we are held responsible _after_ helping the guy out. our bigger problem was the car had a broken nameplate and one elder guy actually coaxed us into leaving asap once the ambulance came to halt near the place…

    🙂 and theres nothing much we can do, can we, the freak accident was just 200 mts ahead of us. if we were thoroughly shaked you should have actually seen another scooter driving guy who was just about 10 mts from the place of the first impact.

  3. 🙂 Nope, just that I’ll prolly leave the scene quicker next time. I’ve been helped, and so has my bro, when we were in separate bike accidents…now I can’t walk away from an accident if I can help…

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