Lappies & buddies

Watch Woh Lamhe. Its terrific, reaffirms my faith in Mahesh Bhatt, who seems to be capitalizing on the darker side of human emotions – pain, emotion, infidelity…

Kangana Ranaut is simply superb. Shiney Ahuja was adequate but fell short in places where he needed to show more pain of betrayal, of misunderstanding . Others are quite adequate. The schizophrenia was totally make believe, the pain, fear and horror much more surreal than that of Beautiful Mind, the first time acute schizophrenia was made to understand for the masses…

‘Hum logon ka to kaise bhi gujara ho jaayegaa. Tum kya karoge ab? Ab kaise jeeyoge?

I dont know.’

Amazing words. Just amazing work of a movie. Director Mohit Suri is my watchout list now.

Had my bestest friends coming down from Bombay and my vocabulary is now mainly filled with ‘going long’, ‘going short’, ‘derivatives’, ‘futures’, ‘options’. Its so much more fun trying to learn from the masters; they have a view point something much different from a theoretical armchair technologist like me. Being an entrepreneur is changing my world view in many different ways and this is one of them. Its getting fun.

Im looking for buying a laptop for myself; must be very robust for my development work; wont play games on it so thats not very high priority for me. If you have a lappie or have any of your friends who want to sell theirs, drop me a comment. But remember cash is at a premium for me, so a good laptop is good only as long as its a great buy for the buck, probably a steal 😀


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