Living from X to X

Its amazing how life is not a string of days but a string of events. Every moment counts.In the infancy its pretty much year to year, birthday to birthday. And then in school, its pretty much moment to moment but majorly a vacation to vaction, summer to summer, class to class.
And suddenly in +2 its a weekend to weekend life. EAMCET mock test, its no wonder life as a whole is just test to test.

Engineering life is a different thing altogether. The freshmen year is pretty much senior to senior, ragging to ragging, class to class, assignment to assignment. The final year is just party to party, session to session.

As a software engineer active life is pretty much weekend to weekend. Any important personal work, social task gets relegated to the weekend. Its a 5 day vacation from every task day to a task day. Its living from week to week.
Being an entrepreneur has pretty much changed it to a day to day activity, at least in the early days. Now I live day to day, a far cry from the 5 day vacation life of the yore. And this journey shall go on hopefully from a day to day to a moment to moment, the ultimate tribute of living in the present, unfettered by the future and untouched by the past.

In oldage its pretty much moment to moment, as then what counts is the blog and a long line of comments from friends he once knew…


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