First few lines from …

These are first few lines from something I am working on.

Im just a normal boy like every other boy who dreams of being superman when he is very very very young, an ace fighter pilot with aviator glasses when he is very very young, a race car driver when he is very young, a guitar playing rock star when he is young and finally a guitar case carrying assasin with a long black trenchcoat and dark sunglasses.

Yes, I belong to that generation of normal boys who have grown up watching a generous dose of hindi, DD and hollywood movies and basically live somewhere between no mans land and bollyland.

A generation of normal guys who believe that they must learn to play at least one musical instrument perfectly as long as the instrument is a guitar and that it takes you everywhere. And that just by strumming the guitar chords with your nimble fingers can send the crowd into a maniacal frenzy and creates a bunch of women waiting for you to be their soulmate.

But did anyone ever even stop to think why every young man nurtures that dream of playing a guitar? Why not the tabla or a violin or a saxophone?

Ill tell you why. Well… for one, the musical instrument is compact, i.e you can put it in a duffel bag and carry it anywhere. It looks way cool than it really is. Even an amateur person fiddling with the knobs and strings can pose off like he is actually tuning it. And whoever hasnt ever nurtured the dream of actually being the guy who strums a few songs (a hundred songs actually) in front of the bonfire or in that long journey in the train or in the back of the bus and is the cynosure of all eyes, affection, kisses and admiration?

Yes, we belong to that generation that totally thinks that whatever you are, however you are, what kind you are, a guitar is the key to the end of all his miseries of a single impoverished life.


6 thoughts on “First few lines from …

  1. Duuude a saxophone player is *hot* 🙂 It’s a pity the good ones are oldish.

    Which make is your guitar? You could blog abt it specifically 🙂

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