10 Quick Ways to be really Cool

1. You must know to play atleast one musical instrument as long as it is guitar. No, a violin or a tabla or a mrudangam or a flute wont do. But if you know saxophone thats a plus. Ok a flute will do too, but thats got to be a long metallic one not the bamboo ones we see ever so often.

2. Must be ready to carry the guitar everywhere possible; as long as the situation does not permit it. Getting the guitar to your party is cool but to the college convocation ceremony. Now, thats coooler.

3. Must have atleast one jeans which if you were to accidentally lose in a city like surat would again invariably cause an epidemic, again. Or if your mom were to find it, would invariable exchange it for a new steel spoon & fork pair.

4. Must have a ‘no combing’ rule towards your hair. Either thats coz of a psychological reason or a physical reason. Psychological reasons like ‘devil-may-care’ attitude and a physical reason like no hair or very long hair. No Combing. Period.

5. Must have a very strong mix up culture. Must wear your jeans with a kurta with a bathroom slippers. Or a lungi with a formal shirt.

5. Your internet nicknames should not match with anything beneveolent or cute or mushy or mischievous. So no angel, pink, beauty. Only something evil or arrogant, so devil is in, so is god. Or a knight. Or an evil hybird of the genres like DeathAngel.

5. Must hate maths and should remain ignorant of it.

10. Must have a very eased attitude towards bluffing => You dont mind lying frequently πŸ˜‰


Kunal tipped off DesiPundit on this post and I got … errm DesiPundited, which brings me to the hierarchy of ‘-teds’. Getting SlashDotted essentially kills off your server with its million referrals, get TechCrunched and you have a quarter of a hundred thousand referrals. While the DesiPundited Effect is about a hundred give or take another hundred referrals. Now thats good too, not that Ill be able to put it on my resume; but anycase…

Whats funny however is WordPress says mine’s the third fastest growing blog on WP; which is pure BS. Just because my blog activity has suddenly grown to about a 200 hundred or so hits on a single day from the lull that has come because of me not blogging, doesnt make mine the fastest growing blog! Only a highly erratic one. WP folks must be really bad statisticians,ergo extremely cool folks. Yanyways, vanity prevails.


Thanks Kunal.


25 thoughts on “10 Quick Ways to be really Cool

  1. Mirror mirror on the wall…
    Who is the coolest of them all?
    Is it the one roaming the mall?
    Or the one kicking the ball?
    Or one who receives on N90 a call?

    Mirror says:
    Am I Google, or Wikipedia?
    No access to blogs or media!
    Go on and make a list,
    And then send me the gist.

    I am bad πŸ˜›

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  3. Heh heh. Funny. But I actually know a really cool guy who plays the guitar (DAMN well, I might add), and he’s quite shy about it. Doesn’t carry a guitar anywhere, nor does he tell anybody about it. The only thing that’s kinda true about him is the hair bit.

    But then, I could come up with a similar list, on how to be A nice, decent du- err, I mean, boy. Hmmm… doesn’t sound like a bad idea after all… πŸ˜›

  4. well, I don’t know about your other points, but learning to play the guitar is definitely not a ‘quick’ way. Its a lot of blood, sweat and tears (literally!) and one might still suck at it!!

    Trust me, I know.

  5. yay! ive been desipundited πŸ˜€

    totally understand the guy. picture this, its the annual get together party and there is a huge huge gathering of party goers et al and the main guitarist just goes dead. now we have your guy up on stage and starts strumming that guitar. cant you even get to think what sort of reaction that would get you? the silent guy becoming the rockstar? now thats one totally amazing ace up the sleeve i would use.

    of course, now with a tabla you can start doing jigs everywhere, on the bar tables, on people’s backs πŸ˜€ ok, lets say he is cool

    @dazed and confused
    its lots of pain, calusses tears and frustration and of course sucking too πŸ™‚ Trust me, i unconditionally agree.

  6. @paavani
    yes, ice would be my first choice

    yay! πŸ™‚

    now i hope thats not a trick question! if i do post a comment to your comment, im no more blase, ergo no cool. what say?

  7. heheheee πŸ™‚ so so true! any guy who can play the guitar *well* *or really well* has my attention πŸ˜› then again, a guy faking it goes down baddd with poor chances of recovery πŸ™‚
    oh and the hair is a must!! πŸ™‚

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