Found Omkara to be okayish. Hyped up expectations. Saif is definitely a real find, no doubt. And I found it hard for the directors choice of Viveik. He hardly evokes any feelings of sympathy or pain. Neither did Kareena. I actually was rooting for Saif.

A new Telugu movie ‘Bommarillu’ has swept me off my feet, totally, unconditionally. Genelia is just awesome and Im in love with her character. Im off to watching it again very soon. Dont necessarily think Ill get tired of it. Its just pure brilliance. Money spent on it till date: 120/- + 53/- + 50/- + 70/-. Surely this ones not going to stop.

Have decided to not go for KANK; but the Dhoom 2 trailer is whats tempting me to.

Don looks amazing. Just hoping it will provide me the bang for my buck. Hope this new Don Shahrukh looks convincing and ruthless enough


7 thoughts on “moviez

  1. Omkara was ok in parts .. and as Rakesh suggested .. it should have been called “langda Tyagi” and not “omkara” 😀 .. Kesu was a stupid character .. Vishal Bhardawaj could have done better than casting Vivek is the role.
    And i am still spreading the bad word about KANK. don’t go .. if you have any respect for your time, money, logic , life .. please don’t go .

  2. @utkarsh
    couldnt myself had said it better. kank is a far chance, only thing is the Dhoom 2 trailer. I dont even mind just paying to see that and get back. no stupid kank for me

    yep you definitely are! boy you need a filmi tutor!

  3. Dhoom 2 is gonna be great .. you should see the trailors .. Hrithik is looking cooler than ever .. and Aish is so dazzling … and the stunts, simply mind blowing …
    Bollywood has surely travelled a long journey .. from copying hollywood to competing with hollywood.

  4. however venom i spewed on KANK, I was dragged in by my friends to watch it, that too 10:30 at night !
    The first half is surprisingly comic, and does make you laugh from time to time. The second half was lachrymose, as expected from Karan Johar.

    Omkara wasnt great either, but was interesting from time to time (I guess that credit actually goes to Shakespeare’s Othello, and now to Omkara). Expression wise Saif was pretty good ..

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