For long sometime, I have been worried if the extraordinary bouncing back of Mumbai was just what it was: an extraordinary bouncing back or an amnesia induced by selfish reasons to get life on track as soon as possible…

But hearing stories, extraordinary ones at that of human bravery and great resilience, its tough to not understand the human effort that goes into it to rise out of such calamity.

Hip hop ‘westernised’ urban college crowd who go to hospitals and blast sites and provide water and bananas to the over worked doctors and policemen, free biscuits and water to all the passengers from the small dabbawalas and shopowners alike, people in home coming out of their cozy confines and taking out their cars to provide transportation to absolute strangers, people moving from hospital to hospital to donate blood… there a thousand such stories of how people have risen way above the normal hullabaloo only to help the affected.

But again, there should be more awareness to people on unattended bags, to look out for suspicion. Aside,

Salaam Bombay


3 thoughts on “7/11

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