Jobless & Unemployed Now. But Feels great.

A dream job like mine can change a lot, alter one’s priorities, show greater things that one can imagine, make one even complacent in the struggle.

On one hand I was working with the leader in its field, aiming to dethrown another leader in another area; a team and a product that people can only dare dream about; great environment to grow and prosper; with the choice to choose your destiny and the necessary tools and power to shape it as you will; great salaries. And on the other, there is just a desire, a will to strike out on my own.

The decision was tough; but it was something I had to do, to prove to myself that I could if need be; that I was sincere to my dream and that 20 years later if i were to look back, I would not repent for things I hadnt done. By quitting my respect for myself has increased a few notches higher. Never mind if in another 6 months, Ill be jobless and penniless, but then this decision to stick by my convictions means much more to me than anything else.

I have a great team to work with now; so lets see how well we can go stand on our own feet. If not for anything just for working in a venture with people you trust a lot should be doing us a world of good.

So its bye bye Oracle for now and a Welcome to the world of irregular paychecks πŸ™‚ yay!

And as Rajan says, “Welcome to the brotherhood” or as Ashok says `This is the first day of the rest of my life!`

So just now back to real world and getting down to some serious business. Just waiting to see how far the rabbit-hole goes.

Only wished that the last day was on the fourth of July, great symbolism. Rest assured though I’ll keep remembering it for other things, one for now, Advetta is formally dissolved. Thanks Rajan and Rajat, you guys made a fantastic job of trying to create a hi-technology startup in India. Its ironic, though that my first day begins concides with the dissolution of another startup.

And also for it being the penultimate show of The Apprentice which i have been following quite religiously since the last few weeks. πŸ˜€


15 thoughts on “iQuit!

  1. Good to see more and more IIITians working on their own ventures…you are setting another example for us like Rajat, Rajan, Yaswanth etc..

    Best wishes!!

  2. Hey .. you left Oracle ??
    All the best for your new venture.
    Don’t forget fellow IIIT-ians who religiously read your blog, when you are thinking of where to invest your million πŸ˜€
    Wishing the best for you !!

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