a question

does a person who

a. forgets his debit card in a restaurant after having his lunch,

b. and then again the very next day forgets to collect back the 60/- change after paying 100/- for 40/- worth of drinks deserve to even be an aspiring entrepreneur?

or was it the passion with which he was thinking about the idea thats actually getting reflected in his absent mindedness / carelessness?!


Had lunch with Shekhar Kammula, tis ofcourse a different matter that we sat two tables across with a wall-like pillar between us. 


8 thoughts on “a question

  1. stupidity of this kind and severity cannot be merely attributed to congenital defects. Stupidity of this kind takes years of practice and study to achieve.

  2. irony ..there’s an irony in the case … u know like becoming lexiconic but forgetting the order of the alphabet 🙂

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