awesome thing, setting up a dynamo for your ipod. how about making a dynamo for your all low power charging devices? your ipods, your cellphones or small fans? how about a solar powered system for powering this same thing? why arent such energy resources devices, cost affordable things not picking up in india?  high initial investment costs?


4 thoughts on “dynam(o)ic

  1. sometimes you come across so simple, yet cool ideas that you end up wondering why was it not i who thought of this. well thats how i feel right now.

    as far as not getting popular in india is concerned, i dont know why but i dont think cost should be a bother for example a set of rechargeable batteries with the charger (which is what i bought) is also high.

  2. exactly. its so demonically simple. but my thought was fuck! we already had dynamo driven bicycle lights, why had they not been used to power the cells???!

    but of course rechargable batteries is a pain. prolly we can get a method of getting around that?

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