islam & indian blogosphere?

Am i wrong or have I been blind when I find that not much(or nothing?) has been spoken about in the Indian blogosphere about the recent incidents in the real world regarding the ‘un’Islamic cartoons?

How come none of the big blogs amit, dilip, uma, manish, talk about it? Not a word? I wonder again, have i gotten blind or does the blogosphere really doesnt have the ‘guts’ to deal with a controversy? Or is there some Islamic blinds to it?

Atanu however has his views on the controversy.  The links:


2 thoughts on “islam & indian blogosphere?

  1. @pranav
    Thanks 🙂 Yes, but what am i thinking is not even a whimper of a voice anywhere. All the bloggers i talk about are not tiny guys, they are big ones in the Indian blogosphere and do really speak on most topics. What I am thinking is is their sense of righteousness only limited to some very specific topics only.

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