marriage, society & violence

Im getting into troubled waters here, but my views on this : assault on the couple for marrying inside the gothra


I think the provocator was the marrying in the gothra, which is looked upon as incest. Frankly as per the news article, the age difference wasn’t the provocator.


The social sanctity associated with marriage in India is very high but sadly I still dont get what ‘society’ the parents keep talking about. A society that can only point but not sustain.


Again, the bystander effect comes into play. Last we had the killing of the two manipuri women near the gateway of india; then the police assault on the couples in the park. And now this. But sometimes the mob effect far surpasses any reserves of bravura possessed by a single good samaritan.

And why was violence and killing is ever an answer to anything? Understood what is at stake is a reputation of years of social standing but even then…?


Why go back to the parents when they knew they know they’ve married against their marriage and what they have done amounts to sacrilege? Why try build something when you’ve already burnt the bridges? I really apologize if this sounds against the victims, but logically its a question; and I want to look at it only as that : a why question.



4 thoughts on “marriage, society & violence

  1. Society does sustain – all it’s age-old beliefs and customs and rules of conduct, some which make up a rich heritage, and some which should have been discarded with the changing times. Sadly, new ideas don’t get through easily, and I doubt this will change anytime soon. *getting ideas for a blog-post meself :P*

    Totally agree with your last point…and it kinda reinforces why I think ‘society’ won’t change anytime soon – people won’t. No matter who, people want to conform.

  2. @tg
    every society is based on some basic rules. and to sustain itself or to maintain its identity, i will stick by its rules at the cost of the offendinf few.

    do write a post on it. moi am definitely wanting to read as many views on this as possible.

  3. Perhaps the couple believed in the goodness of people way too much. Is that wrong?

    Clinging to years of social standing without adopting our ways is newton’s first law taken way too far. How could a mob of people still believe in killing a person after they consensually married each other?

    This incident is very disgusting.

  4. @littlecow
    Its not wrong i still believe in the innate goodness in humans; but that doesnt mean that Ill go ahead and expect someone to react to me logically when I know Ive hurt their beliefs. In india, as they say it doesnt end with individuals, there is a family too. And in such a setting, I dont expect the family to have responded in anyway different.

    Not that i condone their actions. But neither do i think that social thought can be changed in one single instant. All im saying is if the consent for marriage was taken by the individuals only, when go back try to make some bridge? What does that reflect? Moving ahead or looking at some fantastic point of making the peie and having it too?

    All said and done, it was a barbaric thing to do. But on the part of victims, why stretch the limits to the point of snapping?

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