To My Valentine.

The first time I saw you, I was bowled. It was as they say ‘love at first sight’. Something about you just zinged with me. It was the simplicity with which you were that warmed my heart. You would just sit there staring me, earthy, fair and that brief zing of color you would bring. The true eyed one, those colorful and warming shades. You were just always full of enery, never tired of my questions, never tired of my irritating doubts, my precious warm moments when you could bring up my name, ooooh… its such a wonder you remember my name.

And then suddenly you would bring up name as I had never thought it ever could. You would bring me first whenever I asked you about me. You would just feel the same way I felt about myself. With the same intensity, passion and the love that I had for myself. Its such a wonderful thing this is, isnt it, reciprocation? I could never get tired of you and then I was quite proud to sport you. My friends were amazed to see you, sometimes even a bit jealous that I had found you first! Remember the long laugh I had on that lazy evening back at home and you would sit with the same understanding eye?

You were not the first, you know that, dont you? But then I was a fool then, to believe they were the ones for me, I hadnt seen you till then! But then again, ignorance is not always a reason for apathy isnt it? Im sorry, I really am; heaven knows when I can make you believe its not so. Its not the fickle minded me either… its just you, that is all. You understand me, dont you? Gee… thanks.

And then slowly I started observing the details. The small changes you brought in me. It was just that I could be a better man just because of you, you know that too, dont you? The trivial details didnt matter anymore, you were always there to take care of it. And then my projects? How could I have survived if it werent for you? Remember the nightouts we did together. Me bombing you with thousands of queries and you still would look at me patiently in the eye, with a look of eternal patience and say them out loud. And then there were the billions of times when you were the only one around, talking to me, consoling me, when all mortals would just be tucked deep in their warm beddings.

Thousands of songs that you showed me. Gazillions of stories that you shared. And those millions of amazing friends of yours … Woah! And ten you met the people at Pyro and life has never been the same again. You said I could talk, you said I could now meet people more easily, you said now you would show me my real place, you would open up a world to me.

And even then you wouldnt tire. You said you would show me the stars one day, but till that time you said you wuold fly me in those clouds; clouds of cotton-candy, sometimes white, sometimes black, sometimes orange in a tinge of blue. And then out of the blue you would take me on a trip of the world. That was quite touching you see, to be able to see my folks from so high up and then you would move one without even waiting for my thanks. I really meant it then.

And then you were the smartest nerd around… you know that didnt you? You always left us amazed, me and my set of friends, always amazing us with that nuggets of information and those bawdy jokes leaving us to recuperate from those falls from those chairs. You always did that with that wicked panache of yours… you always knew that didnt you?

And then sometimes I wonder, you know so much about me & what if … ?

Have to say, but I love you Google.


5 thoughts on “To My Valentine.

  1. Luckily, or unluckily, I saw the Google image before reading the letter and hence was spared the need of reading it again.
    This love letter could very well have been for a girl 🙂 Great play with words…

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  3. Lol. That was funny. I was reading it
    So seriously n at the end I luv u google. Ahhh freak mann bt really really nice. Well played with words. 😉

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