managing discussions.

have been reading this discussion on the newly formed other india blog

. what is interesting is the number of digressions this single post has gone. all over the blog world I find thousands(actually many more) of discussions which dont follow a strict format. many times if one of the candidates understands that they are losing their ground, immediately they jump to creating strawmen and smashing them out.

i find this creation of strawmen most tough to handle; not to speak of multiple digressions each discussion goes into. the main cause for this problem is not the thoughts mayhaps, but the restriction of the medium to be able to restrict the replies to one particular point.

a usecase here>> A starts a discussion with points x,y,z and gives a conclusion c. B responds to A on points x,y,z on replies rex,rey and gives an additional point l. now another person C responds to x,y and rex and gives new point g. however instead of dealing with any of these, A responds on none of these points even though x,y,z were proved wrong and the conclusion c. and so on. a temporal grouping of replies will be helpful isnt it? slashdot has it already. something more polished or using the new css+some spacing issues.+javascript. grouping mechanisms shud do the trick, not to speak of some nifty way of doing discussions…

the advantages are limitless!

fuck. fuck. fuck. shit. shit. shit. the app is already here though in beta stage. need to track if thats exactly how i envisaged it to be….[cocomment, you are dead meat! 😡 grrrr…. grrrr… grrrr…]