rdb yet again :)

he he. the count has started. rdb twice. i just hope it doesnt move out from the theatres soon.

new observations made :

how come siddharth’s love interest was not shown? only the photo and nothing else? is that the reason for his brooding intensity? and how by the end of the movie all the words he mouths are those spoken to them earlier by madhavan?

loved the crisp cuts & editing.

  • when aslam runs into his room, banging the door open; the scene cuts to that in the documentary where ashfaqulla enters the room with a lantern
  • when the one of the commandos rushing into the akashvani bhavan tells “kuch nahin hoga is desh ka”; the scenes cuts to the room in which there is siddharth and those are the words spoken by the caller
  • loved the way ashfaqulla says “kahan hai mera raam”

3 thoughts on “rdb yet again :)

  1. I think this movie didnt care of usual bollywood masala … besides, I think in Siddhartha’s case, it was his mother whose photo he was looking at … not very sure though … have seen only once so far…

    superb movie btw..

  2. @rakesh
    yeah totally awesome movie. hmm… siddharths mother. didnt think of that! there is also a ring in his neck isnt it? but somehow the pain in his eyes and the photo doesnt look that of his mother, atleast the way the photo was taken, more like that of his own age and a very recent one.

    dont worry TG. im eagerly waiting for the CD! 🙂

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