Rang De Basanti : Par Excellence


Rang De Basanti = “Paint (it) Yellow”

Yellow, the color which signifies joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. This is the attributes that is given to the youth; the youth of a country that are its strength; the drivers, that steer it towards prosperity; the ones that drive the innovation; the ones that bring in the fresh ideas and ideals… its what runs the world; atleast should run the world.

Sarfaroshii ki tamannaa ab hamaare dil mein hai
Dekhna hai zor kitana baazu-e-qatil mein hai
Rahrave raahey mohabbat reh na jaana raah mein
Lazzat-e-sahraanawardi doori-e-manzil mein hai
Waqt aaney de bataa deingey tujhe ae aasmaaN
Hum abhi se kya bataayein kya hamaarey dil mein hai
Ae shaheed-e-mulk-o-millat main terey oopar nisaar
Ab terii himmat ka charcha ghair ki mehfil mein hai

[thanks for the update rakesh]
[thanks to rustyguy for pointing the mistake]

Ram Prasad Bismil’s immortal words, how for the first time hearing it being spoken by Lakshman[Atul Kulkarni] brought tears to my eyes. Speaks volumes about the couplet itself, not to speak less of the passion it embodies and the sincerity that Atul brings to his character.

Brooding, silent, intense character of Siddharth on an equal footing with Aamir living in denial of their true selves, leading lives leaving out the tough questions for later. Sukhi[Sharman Joshi], Aslam[Kunal Kapoor] happy go lucky with their own demons. Four lives without a single passion that binds them all; a single passion that makes them friends that they are. A passionate pair played by Madhavan & Soha.

All changes when Alice Patten comes to place. Go watch it. And if this small story isnt enough go on read…

What is the movie about

  • Five movies on Shahid Bhagat Singh & his friends, this is just another one
  • 306 206 migs lost & 78 most able pilots killed during the last 15 years, this one is about them
  • Oodles of optimism and life covered in the grime of cynicism and helplessness, this is about them
  • Stories of passion and the struggle for an intangible word called Aazadi which they will never be able to enjoy; this is the story about them
  • 50 years of freedom and how the General Dyers are still very much a part of the country that we are, this story is about them
  • A view of violence as an answer to all ills, this is a story about it
  • The youth that actually should shoulders the country & sculpts it; have shrugged their shoulders, this is the story about them.
  • A past lost, lives forgotten, visions smudged, this is a story about them.

Why watch it

  • Go watch it for the sincere performances by the actors even if you hate lecturebaazi
  • Go watch it even if you think patriotism is a word that has lost its meaning and we are all a global village; you might just be welcomed to the real world
  • Go watch it even if you are a believer of non-violence and a votary of peace; because “for the deaf, only an explosion can wake them out of the slumber” and how only violence is the only answer against a despot
  • Go watch it even if you believe that violence is the only solution to all problems and how all the current crop of politicians should be lined up and killed; because an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind
  • Go watch for a well thought out answer on violence as a weapon, tool & example
  • Go watch it, because even if you think the country is going to the dogs and is beyond repair; there just might be a small solution to it hidden in the movie
  • Go watch it because you might just learn about a government that covers up the death of a ace fighter pilot due to malfunctioning and under-quality equipment to pilot errors
  • Go watch it because you might just learn something about how screenplay can be the best actor & director of a movie; and how it can lift a script from abyss to that of cinematic helm
  • Go watch it how sometimes silence can speak volumes of cynicism, passion, pentup anger & great determination and how eyes can be your voice and mind
  • Go watch it for reality can hit like a ton of bricks knowing how the martyrs if they ever come back alive would wish they were dead, for the India that is now is not the one they dreamed of and sacrificed for
  • Go watch it because if this movie turns out to be a flop, we might just have lost another brilliant and a sincere director.
  • Go watch it to see how the story of Bhagat Singh & his comrades can be shown twice in the same movie without you ever getting bored
  • Go watch it to see how the story of our independence struggle is not an anachronism but a contemporary tale
  • Go watch it because for the first time a Bhagat Singh actually reflects his age!
  • Go watch it for the skill that is in Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra, a brilliant director & to learn how very far ahead of most of us all he is

My rating : 9.25/10


25 thoughts on “Rang De Basanti : Par Excellence

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  2. dude,
    I for one appreciate the level of thinking that you have, really admirable, I came across this site while looking for the meanings of the words in the song.. so as to say of Rang de Basanti – Lalkar.
    Really felt good reading your article.

    I believe that this country can improve itself, we aren’t doing just enough, but i am slowly begining to understand that the level of consciousness about the problems of India, and even the world are increasing, the control of a few powerful individuals controlling the thinkings of the majority.

    I am always looking for like minded individuals in pursuit of my cause, my purpose, i know i have a role to play, we all do…

    do well…

    Find me @ – dyson_misquita@yahoo.com

  3. @dyson misquita
    thanks for your kind words dyson ๐Ÿ™‚ i too am an ardent fan of this country. cant help it, its just too big a treasure to lose out and a shame if the lessons just lose out.

    i think blogs in this respect a tremendous role in democratising the voice with each voice maybe able to stand their own ground; not thats its perfect but here it just might work out a bit better.

    sure, will talk to you sometime soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. hi…there..
    just was searchin for the meaning of rang-de-baasanti..i found this..page..
    see..i gotta doubt.
    in the following lines
    ‘Ab terii himmat ka chacha ghair ki mehfil mein hai’..is it chacha or charcha

  5. Just another run-of-the-mill movie. Totally unrealistic and misleading. Rang de basanti means paint it yellow. To bring the bright colors of Basant to the hearts of todays youth. NOT to bring the color of blood to this soil, through violence and impaitient actions as shown in the movie.

  6. @chaitanya
    violence and impatient actions, i totally agree with. but just another run-of-the-mill movie?! thanks but no thanks. it was realistic and wouldnt budge from my stand. misleading, yes maybe, if you only see that they have gone ahead and assassinated the minister. but considering the violence and death and also their “OWN” insistence that what they did was wrong…! i dont know how many films have that sincerity.

    thanks for visiting my blog and putting your comments man ๐Ÿ™‚ but cant accept your viewpoint.

  7. The movie was complete bakwas post interval. I was watching it with my American husband who could not sit through the second half (I still watched the second half just becuase I was suffering from insomnia and wanted to watch someting totally inane)

  8. @ahimsa
    all the best ahimsa. somehow its strange that you found that the protagonists killing the minister but not their accepting their mistake; nor the fact that they got killed. good for your phirangi husband. and of course i hope your insomnia got cured? you shud have seen airforce 1 to get it cured; thats a much better way to sleep.

  9. Agree with you mindwarrior (Whatever war you are going through in your mind..;-)

    All the best to Ahimsa! I can suggest more more block busters to get her insomnia cured. Independence Day – where the President himself would be flying frontline in the war against Aliens..

  10. “rang de basanti chola” was a song sang in the north to celebrate the blooming of the fields in basant rutu with the golden colour of the wheat.

    bhagat singh sang this song while being taken to the gallows to celebrate his death for the freedom of his country.

    he probably hoped that his joy & the pride he felt when taken to die for the freedom of his beloved country would have inspired others to follow suit (which the protagonists in the movie did).

    the movie’s meaning is too profound & open to a lot of interpretation. this is a classic to be entered into the archives.

    the directors efforts have suceede in making a good thinknig movie… as for the impact on the citizens of the country….. it is heartening to know that many have been moved by it. but truly to take this movement forward one needs to take up causes in their area & challenge authority.

    not just for the heck of it .. not for any ego issues.. because there is no win or lose when the country is to be benefited……

    reading ur blog feels good & i wish u all the best in keeping the faith alive for our country .. & all countries everywhere.

  11. This is the best movie I have seen. I live in the US and have been thinking about coming back to India after watching this movie. It touched my soul.

  12. @JD
    thanks for such a meaningful and level-headed comment; im truly humbled by your thoughts

    best? cant say that nor will i vouch for it. but one thing i can be sure of… it sure makes me beam in pride & a passion to give india the position it really deserves…

  13. hi people i watchd rang de basanti and i reli liked it. It shows what is happening around the world and yet we r sitting on our backsides letting our country being corrupt im not saying that only india is corrupt but sooo is pakistan and this movie is a big call out 2 all of us. but it takes time 4 every1 to realise that i only realised that went i lost sum 1 reli close to me and our own home country did not support us or gives us any justice soo y shudnt we try to change polictics even if it means to make our stand or even protest. there are problems in every country but if we unite we can do any thing nothing is impossible. people out there hu havnt watchd this movie go watch it its wicked.

  14. I am a Polish. I live in Poland. I am fascinated by India, to say the least. I was completely disillusioned and disappointed by my own country.
    Then I saw Rang De and I had a sleepless night and a few days of total mental hangover (just like most of people who saw the movie). I still am in love with India. But now I see my country from a different perspective. It’s almost as if I saw the light through a storm. This film is about your country, whichever country you live in.
    I have never seen anything so deeply moving and disturbing. I don’t think I will be ever able to watch this film again, it was too painful.

    Those who think this movie is about fighting violence with violence probably saw a different movie. And if they don’t feel a sound of the patriotism that rang in their hearts they don’t know how to rang de basanti and how does their own land with a pinch of wind smells like.

  15. THE MAIN IDEA of this film is wrong. Violence makes violence. Rang de Basanti achieved nothing with his killings and roberies, just called for more aggression against Indian people. It was M. Gandhi who actualy freed the country and used non violence and killings but political strenght.

  16. i see i’m not the only one who found this page while looking for the meaning of the words. i hadn’t got round to seeing the movie yet and after reading this i think maybe i won’t for a long time. i’m already so depressed by the real violence all over the world, so why see a movie with only more depressing violence? what good will it ever do? but maybe i’ll one day have to see it just to find out how on earth people can be inspired by seeing it.

  17. I don’t have any political comments but just want to point out that the Basanti colour is not yellow. Basanti is, well, basanti ๐Ÿ™‚ To call it yellow is kind of demeaning to the colour that adorns our national flag. Just my opinion. Please see if you can correct it.

  18. Rang de basati is -no doubt- one of the best movies I watched ever. After watching it I dream to make a movie in my mother toungue -malayalam- which will have youthfullness just as it has. What a wonderful narration!. what a heart touching action!. Thank you Rakyesh omprakash Varma. If I didn’t watch this one, it might be a great loss of my birth…

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