Cost of a Life.

“Rendellu moodu lakshalu kharchainanduku aathma hatya chesukunte, ippudu okka vaaram lo yaabhai velu kharchu pettinanduku… ippudu chesukovaali aatmahatya baabu, ippudu chesukovaali aatmahatya” [sic] In Telugu

The translation follows:

I think now is the time for me to commit suicide.” The farmer on his bed recuperating from his failed-suicide attempt continued “When I tried to commit suicide just for spending 2 lakhs in 3 years, isnt now the time for the suicide for spending 50,000 in just a week towards hospital costs?

— Excerpt from a real anecdote.

Go Read the posts on farmer suicides on dilips, vikrams blogs.

Of Nero and breached Dams
P Sainath on the crisis in rural India


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