I feel like a stranger in a familiar new world,
Eyes and faces i search of people to whom i curled.
There! There I see, the faces once i know,
at the feet of serendipidity i now bow.

In the sea of strangers i see my motley crew,
But the people arent the same, that, i once new,
now they are the ones into the choices they grew,
for the lives of their dreams they now pursue.

We laugh all once of the lives we lived,
of moments of joys and pains we shared.
Into the journey of life I move unscared,
even in the dark i see no light unglared.

Education is not what this is about,
Nor money is the one i care a clout,
All i learnt in this land of tech,
Is the ones that matter is not the big fat cheque.

People and friends are treasures of life,
money and wealth are nothing but a measure of strife.
Success is measured not, by the things i get
But the things I lost i can now never get.


3 thoughts on “Reunion

  1. @jc
    telepathy? 🙂 had written this while i was in the final year at iiit; was just a bit doubtful that ppl might think im demented to be already thinking of reunion even before leaving iiit! 🙂

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