Cycles, Mascots & Geniuses

Im convinced more and more than more our world is cyclical. That’s not a typo not in the “world is a oblate spheroid” cyclical sense, but as in “world is cyclical” where everything in this world moves around in cycles.

Its just that at its logical extreme, every theory/philosophy/system/ideology morphs into totally counterproductive to its own definition.

We are now having to deal with a civlization of information overload. Computers and communication which were intended to combat against: efficient information management.

Liberalists after a level are not better than the conservatives, they do want everyone to be liberal, i.e. conformance with other liberals as the only choice; non-conformance to liberalism is a sure way of disbelonging to the inner-ring.

The same holds for many other ideologies: the idelogies of feminism vs patriarchy, objectivity vs altruisms to just name a few. Im a believer of moderation and middle path, and such obvious glaring differences is just fills a thought of fear in my mind.

I just hope we wont wake up some day and ask “What were we thinking?”

Then on the other day while I was buying groceries from the stores, the aunty [just a generic phrase for any woman quite elder to you] who was at the desk whips out the calculator and starts keying in the costs to calculate the total.

“Ok now. 17 plus 15 makes …”
ric…tic..tat…tic..tac [tapping on the calculator]
I help her out of her misery saying “32”. She gives me a surprised glance and then resumes keying in again…
“Okkk… 32 plus 51”
8483” another glance of awe from her..

Now this was getting very irritating mind you. It was not as if I was calculating the 4th hyperbolic 13th root of a 175th prime number in under super-computer time. It was just plain addition and her awed looks from her werent helping my irritation any further. C’mon folks, this is just math… addition…! You don’t need a calc for that!

And then finally she says “Ok the total is 493.50. You gave me 500. So the change is …”
“I knew you are a genius!”

Tell me my dear reader, shud I feel sad for the mega dependance on external objects for doing the simple mind work or the mathematical community start feeling sad for me being chosen the mascot of mathematical geniuses


6 thoughts on “Cycles, Mascots & Geniuses

  1. “Okkk… 32 plus 51”
    “84” another glance of awe from her..

    Do I sense a mistake? Let me check… (win + r) type calc…
    key in the values.
    voila! there it is.
    pssst, it’s 83 🙂
    Ok, ok I too am a math genius. I did that calculation without calulator. 😀

  2. @tg
    naah, more than what vs what vs what…. i was mainly concentrating on the extremist vocalists(of a particular ideology) who believe their ideology is answer to all ills…

    :)) how very true, how very.

  3. Your post reminded me of this sci-fi story about how in the future the army which learns to do math without calc/comps learns to develop bigger warheads and win the inter-galactic war…damn cool story but sadly i cant remember the author 😦 Not sure if it was asimov or someone else.

  4. @ponC
    he he. thats a damn cool story 🙂

    ok ok. i understand you want me to write a sci-fi story but you have to give me sometime, you see..! 😛

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