Seeking me…

Shed your tear not you arent with me,
Im in the wind that caresses your hair,
In the soft breeze that brushes the tears off you,
And In the cold winter chill that kisses you pink.

In the woods’ huge trees you shall find my hug,
Warm, strong and a patient ear for you.
In the clean blue water that you drink,
And in the thoughts of strength you shall find me dearest.

In your friends that are when you need,
And in the stranger on the path that makes you smile.
In the flowers of spring that cheer your spirits,
The curves & the dimples you shall find me all.

You shall find me in books you love
In every word black n white and
in the songs you croon silent when ‘lone,
And in music of joy ephemeral.

In your eyes you shall see me smiling,
In your breath you shall find me warm,
In the words of love you’ll find me calm,
In every drop of blood you shall find me red.

If you cant find me in all that you see,
Just open your eyes and you’ll find me.


9 thoughts on “Seeking me…

  1. @tg
    he he. atleast you’ve been kind enough to give me that distinction instead of jus’ dumping me into the bin! 🙂

    and come to think of it, im now a dangerous guy too! wow! >:D

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