there are times when you want to know that you are cusp… at the cusp of something big, huge, unparalelled in size, thought and the result…

how does it feel to feel that you know that you are on the edge of altering your life irreversibly forever, that from now on, you shall never ever be the same ever again, never again is life going to mean the same to you.

never again would you ever look at the world in the same way as you are doing now. and that you have altered the world irreversibly and it shall never ever talk to you in the same way it is now.

you know, that you are just not you. you have jumped onto a discontinuum in time, space and thought and you cannot know how were ever earlier or that if you had really existed the way you were earlier…

and now, how would it be, if you were living like this everyday of your life, starting out as a new person daily?


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