What is a temple without a deity,
But a building of stone and bricks.
What is a garden without the flowers,
But mud and soil, barren and cold.
What is a kindgom without its queen,
but orphaned, alone and agitated?
What is a guitar without the strings,
Mute, with aint the chords that strum the heart.
What are the woods without the birds,
Eerie and silent without the music that fills all.
What is the world without the air,
but restless and choking till the end.
What is the earth withou the sun,
Dark and blind from the darkness that pervades all.
What is the Warrior without his armor,
Naked, Alone and waiting his death.
What is a human without a heart,
But a stone-cold, useless critter.
What am I without you?
but a been than an am.

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