This is the pathetic story of how the dialogue from a single movie has shaped my vocabulary? How sad can one get, when an important word and the noble sensibilities gets shaped by a single movie.. .

Thanks is what we use quite often. But whenever I try say thanks, unmistakably there is that hint of sarcasm and sneer in it. Don’t ask why its there, even when there isnt!

The problem is, in the movie ‘Shatruvu’ the prime villian played by Kota Srinivas Rao, mouths ‘Thanks’ everytime with utter sneer and sarcasm to anyone that helps him, it has since then become the only way of telling a ‘no, thanks’ to anyone that helps us or tries to! Believe me, this is a classic line, and when told just as the villian would in the movie, no one ever will ever even come near one inch of helping you again.

But sadly I aint a villian, but whenever I try to say ‘Thanks’ or sign of my mail saying so, or when someone else says so, Im pretty sure I hear his words ringing… Every damn frigging time!

And sadly I don’t think im alone in this. So whenever you meet a gult, try saying a curt short ‘Thanks’ with a little of sneer and a bit of cynicism, he/she will understand you really well for the love of Telugu films!

Oh and btw, for patiently reading this, ‘Thanks’.


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