Good Evening parents, teachers and dear friends

Moving from schooling to being a engineer in a MNC, one thing im pretty sure of, and that is being on the other side and listening to the speeches is the most boring thing. And so lets get on with things and I promise that Ill keep the speech small, simple and straight. There a few points which Ive learnt from my experiences and my failures and I would like to share with you all.

  • Inculcate one habit which you will do daily. – getting up early in the morning and exercising, reading the newspaper, or reading a short story before you sleep.
  • Cultivate one good creative activity – poetry, singing, music, sketching, painting, or anything you want to.
  • Indulge in one physical sport. Mind you not a board game like chess, chequers or carrome but one in which you exert yourself physically.
  • Respect yourself, your health and the wisdom of your elders. Your parents and teachers have come to this stage experiencing many failures and successes and it would be foolish to not to respect their experiences.
  • Talk a lot. Communicate your ideas with your parents, teachers and your friends/peers. That is what would help you to expand your worldview.
  • Know your roots & tradition. Its important that you know your roots and traditions and respect the knowledge passed down from the ancestors through the centuries.
  • Expand your knowledge. Read more books.
  • Be fearless. Unless until you are the one that has done the mistake, don’t let fear overcome you. In the face of fear, be brave and fight it out with all you have.
  • Never let go of your dreams. At this stage, I can say it is dreams that shape you and you should never compromise on them. That is what you are.
  • And finally, don’t neglect your education. Its education that’s fundamental and what shapes you.

Thank you, take care & keep smiling.

* my first speech – 29/12/2005 *


4 thoughts on “‘Speech’less

  1. “Speechless” is the most apt title for your speech.
    You sure have spoken from the heart. You have summed up the path to ideal/perfect life in 10 points.

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