How will your blog die?

Everything that has a beginning has and end, don’t you think?

I mean, c’mon you definitely know, don’t you, that this has to end sometime? Sometime long after, this will definitely cease to exist. Sometime maybe. Ok maybe when you have kids to tend to, or when you are not in a high-connectivity city with all that broadband connections and stuff? Or when you learn that all the glamorous, funny, people on the net were just some bored, beer-gutted bike junkies, or just saggy skinned strippers? Or maybe you just don’t have the creative zing left in you to get people coming to your blog in hordes and laughing their asses off?

What would you do then? I mean you definitely might want to go and start watching those never ending K serials(I definitely believe Ekta Kapoor is going to still wreak havoc on the poor Indian TV watching diaspora). Or read the newspaper for that matter? You definitely know, that the life of your blog has come to an end.

In that case you might want to put up a final act on the blog. How would that be? How would the last post look like? A simple, morose, formal, senti-filled ‘It was great interacting with you all, my fellow bloggers blah… blah… blah…’ or would it be a simple ‘R.I.P’ or would you have a grand spectacular finale where you would plan for your last blog post years on end? Or would just rather leave putting the people on tenterhooks and then one fine day come back and drop the bombshell that you are never going to leave this place and put the people of their misery? Or maybe, as a reminder of a lost blogger, delete the blog itself?

What would it be? Come to think of it, how would people react to it in comments? Would people put up nice epitaphs? Or would it be a plain farewell something like ‘It was great knowing you and we will miss you’? Or will it be a grander finale where people just forget the blog and get on to the next one?


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