India: A Wounded Ego?

How would i look at India?

The young breed that I have interacted are always happy not to be termed what they are. They are apologetic about being Indians. Some of them are apologetic about being Hindus. And some of being men. And also some about being women.

India invokes images of a meek, powerless entity which is apologetic about its own existence. I cant explain why, but the continuous image that they have been fed in all these years just conjures up images of a land, over-bearing corruption & bureacracy, ridden with caste-problems, torn apart by religious fanatics(not much different from the taliban), a sex-craved sexually repressed male population, overbearing patriarchs making life hell for the women, a land of sati & dowry deaths, and a land of cultural, social oppression.
In simple terms, a land of losers.

Raped, maimed & continually shredded by the own people… A land that looks for all the conformation from the west about its actions. We look if strategies will work for us which we have copied from the west/europe. They wont, they just wont. Because its a different case.

I dont see what ails us. Its not a land of pain only otherwise people wouldnt still be living here. Something here is still there. Still breathes lives and even manages to grow taking the pains in its own stride.

Sadly any instance of our own religion and past and we prefer to just skip it. It was some utopian age; or some age where the might lived to crush the meek.

There is no pride in being an Indian; because of all the causes given above and that is why our interest in history is the one dictated by the brits; never that of an india; never that of a son of soil who understands the issues in all its history, in all its complexities and adversities.

Someday, I hope we will rise to occassion of being Indians, a diverse diaspora and preserve whats anything barely left of it. Someday we will look through the glasses of positivism, focussing more on actions and less on the words.

Someday, we will turn back and appreciate the rich diversity we have; and things we lost in the process of fads; the great lessons to learn but by that time sadly it will be written by someone else who wants to see it the way thats comfortable to them.

Its a wounded ego; its an ego apologetic about its own existence; an ego that has even lost the ego to even fight back simple reductionist theories and attacks. But I will cling on.

I hope the ego will rise again; stop justifying its mistakes; in strength to find its lacunae; set its errors right; set its own misgivings about itself right; to prove once that its a organic being capable of life and an identity itself. The day you begin to justify your existence/your purpose, its the end. And India is doing just that!


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