Im not a feminist

Im not a feminist, I never believed resorting to branding ever helped anyone’s cause and here it is: Im not a feminist, and Im not ashamed of saying that. Why? I cant say. Mainly because, I have seen the male and female balancing, complementing each other and have also seen when this balance disturbed because of errors from both sides. And believe me they arent wonderful to me.

Im not a feminist, because my mom still has her maiden name. If I ever get married, I guess that will go for my wifey too! That is an extremely natural thing to happen. But its a scoring point for feminists and that is sad.

Im not a feminist, coz its a horrendous thing that women bear up with idiots even intruding their personal space, harassing them and putting up with it silently. I have my dad vocally express unacceptance of this and it solved issues. But even this is a scoring point for them and that again is sad.

The only question i have is however Have we brought ourselves to such a level of incompetence where mediocre is excellent work?

Im not a feminist, because I know men and women are different at even the basic dna level. As a couple there are responsibilities each one is capable of performing best and will prefer two people pair themselves-up to take care of it. When you are pairing up its about complementing not competing.

Im not a feminist because I dont believe any problem is solved by just pinning the accused party to the ground and compelling to accept their wronging. Even a cat when pushed to a timid innocent cat will pounce, what happens when you attack the belief systems, the ones that define the identity of a person; without trying to look at it from the cats view?

Im not a feminist, because the war has been stretched too far off and they are not much different from the extremist fundamentalists, where any logical, rational, ‘the-big-picture’ reasoning is impossible. Every problem of humanity has a single reason. Every problem of women has a single reason. Patriarchy.

Im not a feminist, because Ill prefer to be a logical rational minded male without being apologetic about my existence.

Im not a feminist, because the term is limiting and sadly, extremely reductionist with a myopic eyeview.

Im not a feminist because Im a humanist.

9 thoughts on “Im not a feminist

  1. Aptly said, rightly said, and well put.

    Under the garb of elevating the situation of women, several myopic privileges being granted to them has become a custom (and the vote-puller, of course). Why do they need reservation in buses? Not strong enough to stand, are they? Have 50 years of such privileges (after independence) given them enough strength?

    There’s a saying:
    Give me a fish, and I’ll eat for one day.
    Teach me how to fish and I’ll eat for the rest of my life.

    Inarguably, the 2nd one is the best, but the first one seems to be the norm, unfortunately.


    women earn less money than men for doing the same job

    thats why feminism is still very much necessary

    why do you assume its ‘natural’ for the woman to take the mans name after marriage? natural according to what?

    it doesnt sound like youve thought about or read about this issue in any great depth at all, just listed a few glib remarks without any justification behind them

    read more

    • @tzar
      its blasphemous that pay has a differential by gender.

      either you are rebel without a cause or just a war monger – why? i said its natural for woman to keep her maiden name and not the other way round.

      you are entitled to your opinions and advice tzar. point taken.

      and you please read ‘well’. i guess its a matter of quality than quantity.

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