The Next Wave

This might already be happening. Feel free to correct me on that.

Prediction 1
With the way the consumer technology has proliferated; the next thing to hit the net… is[will be] micro-minute movies. Yes, i think so. I believe so. Movies that arent about long stretched, elaborate settings, walking in the sun, reformed gangsta stories, but they will be the ones that are just tiny, just about moments, a single emotion or two; a blink-and-you-missed it scene.

A community driven, community edited, community produced movies, community voted series of short-videos. Catered to community of short-attention span consumers. Truly “Democratised Videos”. The “66 second video”.

Yes, that might be next. That might be my best prediction.

And this brings me to my next prediction. The technologies that will succeed among consumers are ones that will require shortest attention spans.

Grand Finale
That brings however to the question: are we turning/churning out a mentally chronically ill generation of retards?


4 thoughts on “The Next Wave

  1. Dude!!! No matter how short the attention spans are, porn movies will always get their share and will never become a-blink-or-two movies.
    …and get rid of the spam posted above.
    EclipsE >:-]

  2. porn as a public platform… well, the thought is intriguing!!
    …but that day is far, though the revolution has begun – ask paris hilton and pam!!!
    EclipsE >:-]

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