Ever thought how unfortunate the person is
who cannot express his feelings?
a person incapable of expressing pain?

When every vessel in the heart is being torn apart,
with daggers and swords,
each tissue crying, screaming
in pain of infinite agony.

In times when every thought fails you and all sanity has abandoned you.
Have you felt the relentless pain
that you can do nothing about
but only scream?

When tears fail you,
and all that is evoked from your heart
is laughter?

When your heart feigns ignorance of efforts
of kinder hearts commiserating you…

When all your heart does
is drink the pain in,
and radiates smiles and laughter and cheer?

When the heart feels
like a balloon on a thorn
and all you can muster
is but a benign smile.

The innards feel crushed,
rotten, with a heart failing to burst
When the face fails you
and you wish truly for a tear.

Ever felt how that feels?
I do.

2 thoughts on “Pain

  1. Hey the poem is just awesome, makes me feel sumthing same out mah head…..
    You have wonderfully pictured the situation ov head, heart & soul…..

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