first time for last time

sometimes when im in my best thinking caps, and want to give myself a good thrust to be more proactive, i ask myself
when was the last time you did something for the first time?
what would you do if you knew you would never fail? (more on this very soon…)

Why am i saying this? Cuz last week i did two new things for the first time…

  • Tried my hand at cooking. So here comes the chef. in his Biryani and the mutton curry
    • Planning to repeat this success this week too
  • Saw a Star Wars movie in a theatre and on a first day
    • A good tribute to a good epic
  • Went to a Chinese Restaurant. Its been only the Chinese kiosks till now.
    • Eating in restaurant costs money
  • Ate a pizza in office
    • Dominos is costly. Whoever was that that said about a Happy Price Menu. [was it even dominos?]
  • Bowling. My score is now 98[up from 55]. Bowlers here i come!!!
    • And i have my bet with a friend of mine who is quite a regular bowler[@168] whom i challenged to beat from about the 6th time of my bowling. And im yet to go to my 3rd.

*i had to write this lest i forget that i really did do something good on my weekend* 🙂

3 thoughts on “first time for last time

  1. “Eating in restaurant costs money”

    dosent bowling?
    I always felt bowling was more expensive as compared to a restaurent..given the time spent in either place

  2. Hey buddy great going @ bowling…If I aint wring U had bowling for the first time with me..still…long way to go…

    When you eat dont complain abt price…Quality comes with price

  3. @ironhide
    for a eatery i always have places where i can get much better food and at lower prices. for bowling, its the novelty attached to it and i dont have other alternatives, do i?

    why is it that you assume higher the price=>better the quality? case in point:coconuts & coke.
    there are numerous case studies that show that what ever extra you are being charged, is for the frills, than for the core product. when the restaurant charges me for their maintenance charges et al, i’ll def go to another restaurant which has lower maintenace charges.

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