“So what do you think? She loves me?”

“Well yeah, but the chances are like you winning the grand european lotto”

“Oh so you do think that i have a chance?”

“Havent you heard what i said? Its like 1 in a million!”

“Yeah i get that. But it says i do have a chance”

“Forgotten your high school maths friend? What does probability tell you?”

“Well it tells me however bleak the chances, i do have a chance”

“See maths doesnt teach me to disbelieve in things. It teaches me to believe in them. It forces me to believe that however bad they appear on paper, i always have a chance”

“Well you are a hopeless theist arent you?”

“Whats wrong in believing in god? When you can believe that atoms exist and electrons exist, and even quarks, leptons and mesons, and that, when you havent seen or felt them? You believe because of the qualities they exert on some other phenomena, right…? Then why is it that this abstract mind of yours is revolted at the idea of a god whose presence is in the nature all around and manifest everywhere? You need the prism to prove to you that light consists of seven colors but then you always had it staring you in your face…the rainbow.”

“Someday you will come up with the theory that all the creatures, animate and inanimate, in this world are connected by a single source of energy, and that this energy is present in all the beings and flows through them…And some fine day you might even call it the devil, which we have been all along calling as god”


4 thoughts on “rambling

  1. wo Hooo…..Well Articulated….Felt like a thin thread binding some hard realities…Never know when it may break…

    Thinkin too much buddy…

  2. I am sorry…If you thought I was praising your effort….Ofcourse the article was impressive the way its presented……

    I dont know why are you trying to push hard the point home that there is source of some energy behind everything we do

  3. well im not pushing anything hard man. I just believe some things or to put it precise i wish to believe so. so as long as the truth isnt out, i wouldnt mind sticking to my prejudices.

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