a weekend

lessons learnt from doing a nightout on thursday night at office

  • to start off, you need to have a reason to do a nightout
  • just like that’ is not a reason enough
  • you need to have some semblance of a work place at night, which means you should not be the only guy doing some work
  • nightouts tire you out no matter what and you need to sleep the next day
  • if no work, go home
  • going home stretches your weekend to three days instead of two!
  • the first day of that weekend though is spent sleeping!!!

lessons learnt by going with a friend to alleygator and then to a
movie in imax on a hot saturday afternoon @ 11 without eating anything

  • summers in hyd ARE hot
  • bowling IS costly
  • everyone has his share of beginners luck and then everything just crumbles
  • never never go out with a friend who HAS plans
  • going to some crap action movie instead of a comedy one is a dangerous change of plans
  • watching an action movie 4th row from the screen breaks yr head, and yr eyes pop out
  • imax rocks as long as you dont start spending money
  • thai food is good. for people on a diet.


  • its bad when you dont check your mails for 2 days!
  • it is even bad if one of the mails contains the details of a pal’s bday
  • it gets worse when you are the only one that doesnt make a call
  • it gets worst when you want to call but the call time in yr cell is zero
  • icing on the cake, you forget to recharge yr cell
  • its good when school friends meet on a sunday evening to talk
  • but its bad when you dont remember anything they are talking about
  • and then suddenly someone notices that and says, ‘hey, why are you silent?’
  • you mumble up saying something as arcane as, ‘well, i am/was observing you guys’

*no offence meant to any person referred here, living or sleeping* 🙂


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