Kaal. Dhamaal.

Clever, Interesting, Paisa Vasool[for a 25/- buck ticket for a sleepy sunday summer noon show on an empty stomach]. Falls short of expectations. But im Ok with that.

Even if i could predict the sequences before hand a good 10 – 15 mins before they even take place?
Even if i could guess the climax 20 mins before the end?
Even if i knew that movie belongs to ‘The Factory’ than to the Johar’s company?

In spite of all these ifs, Kaal is paisa vasool. A true Indian thriller in a long time. I enjoyed the movie. Actually could laugh at some of the most serious scenes. But as i said, I enjoyed watching Kaal from the beginning of the frame to the end.

Some brilliant moments in the movie. Some gross mistakes. But atleast something thats fun. Some moments had me on the seats edge. Some moments had me biting my nails.And most of the moments had me just watching it.

a. Three tigers and a 2 men. Thrill kill!

I liked Sixth Sense. The cleverness in the plot.
I liked Final Destination. The plot freaked me.
Im pretty fine with Kaal. No cribs. Paisa Vasool.

But im not sure i would like it the same way if i were to shell out a hundred bucks for this same movie.

[my friend tarun’s observation]
Wonder how the king khan’s face first comes into light in the item song ‘Kaal Dhamaal’ only when the word ‘kaal’ is heard? timing, i say.

I just hope the message in the movie doesnt go unnoticed. Obey the rules. The bigges beast is man. etcetera


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