Just a different movie.

Roles were either over-played or under-played.

Never could i connect to the movie. All i could do was see.The movie was too polished; to be even able to touch a raw nerve or pull the string.

A painting that goes on and on but never is a drama that could evoke anything remotely human…

Some really brilliant scenes.But never could get into the skin to connect to it. Neither could see the grit nor the mad genius.A fine balancing act but as i said. Sorry.


8 thoughts on “Black.

  1. did I and you watch the same black?
    strange I thought it was a well made movie…didnt think about ” connecting with the movie” etc..but it did leave an impression

  2. @ironhide
    Yeah pretty damn sure its the same thing we saw.

    As i said, there were some really brilliant moments in the movie…but i would not say it as the poignant movie that i wanted it to be. And all those moments that could touch a chord were moments of strength. Of joys.

    It was a to me trying to evoke a sympathy for the weakling…trying to evoke an emotion of pain with every frame. Much too less positivism.

  3. oh! how much I adore you for such an honest review…well! I felt the same but people would feel different….it was different but not an out of the world presentation…

  4. @indu
    well…thats what blogs are for. say what you want even if it means getting yr share of bricks and bats; of course, without the risk of getting a ‘black’ eye 🙂

  5. Its a good movie…Havent watched a movie of Black’s genre in recent times ( from Indian Makers )…It was a bold attempt…may be it deserved much better response fromyou……

  6. @pramod
    exactly! it was a bold attempt, a different attempt. but much was left to be done. anyways, its my opinion, take it or leave it 😉

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