‘Policemen have too much power’

This is in reference to an article with the same title.

Yes,what happened in Mumbai was absolutely wrong. The laws too are archaic. But making sweeping statements as this is, i guess i had to vent my views.

A society thats completely narcisstic of itself, we never seem to understand or even try make an attempt what the life of a soldier or a police man is made of. We talk of crime growing in the city but never care about who constitute this force. None of us “the educated class” will go into the forces. We are overqualified to do such jobs. So lets keep the mouths shut unless we really do something about it. Lets stop making sweeping statements, that incriminates all the guys who are doing such a good work, the jawans in the colds and the policemen maintaining law and order.

I for myself cannot think[or dream?] of leaving this plush job for joining the army, would i?

Of police being killed in encounters, of soldiers being killed daily, but we never understand that for every soldier killed, there’s a family rendered helpless.

And that soldier/policeman was not killed, mind you, in his own self defense; but for some stranger sleeping happily in their cozy beds unaware of everything; the strangers, you and me.

I see hundreds of people riding on the road without proper licenses and then suddenly talk of rules and inequality, only when caught.

Any comments?


9 thoughts on “‘Policemen have too much power’

  1. Poorna…
    Every person has a duty to accomplish…& policemen are no exception….I dont find anything grossly wrong in the article you were refering to. F…. policemen have no right to take the couples into custody and fine em..” If by virtue of good education we are comfortable now with the jobs ..Let it be”..Please dont spare any any regards to these so called Lawmen(Policemen)….I am OK with Armed forces who are key for nations safety …( But do you have answer for atrocities commited by them )

  2. My Dear Pramod,

    Thanks for dropping by. Agree with what you said, that policemen have a duty to accomplish as does everyone else.

    If you havent read the fine print in the post, i would ask you to note that my angst is not against punishing the wrong-doer(s), lawmen whatever they may be… but by the attitude of people of giving sweeping statements that incriminates all the policemen, who have nothing to do with it.

    The point is to change the archaic laws, not punish the people implementing these laws. Theres a diff of heaven and earth here.

    Im not against giving proper punishment to the guilty; but i do have a high regard for the security forces, police and the army and the like. I inspite of the high vision of my own job, the reality is i wont work for a penny less. And of course, never embark out of the plush offices. And definitely will not pay with my life.

    So dear pramod, on this point, we shall stand wide apart.

  3. Buddy,

    I want to tell you one thing…

    when u say “And that soldier/policeman was not killed, mind you, in his own self defense; but for some stranger sleeping happily in their cozy beds unaware of everything; the strangers, you and me.”

    I definitely will appreciate it if the person who got killed sacrificed his life in the true sense of duty. But how many such policemen can u show me who are there in the force?

    Let me tell you something…in fact I am gonna blog on this…come visit my blog shortly…


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